Portulaca oleracea

BOTANICAL NAME:  Portulaca oleracea
COMMON NAME:  Purslane

Succulent groundcover with brightly coloured flowers for hot, dry areas. Easy to grow.  Long lasting.


A wide-spreading succulent groundcover with rounded, flat leaves on fleshy stems.  They usually last a few years in warmer areas, but are frosted in colder climates, where they are treated as summer and autumn annuals.  They produce masses of brightly coloured single flowers which open when the sunlight intensity is suitable.  Colours include white, yellow, orange, red, magenta, as well as some with bicolour flowers.  They form a carpet not much more than 8cm to 10cm high.

Being heat tolerant and able to withstand summer rainfall and the associated humidity, purslane is invaluable for lending colour and coverage to hot, dry parts of the garden.  They are great for planting amongst larger succulents, between roses and in mixed borders.  Portulaca oleracea is also suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes and tall pots.

Portulaca oleracea requires full sun and well-drained soil.  Apply a 3:1:5 water soluble plant food every 3 weeks to encourage constant flowering.