Winter is the known as citrus season in the fruit industry. Many different types – oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, kumquats, tangelos all ripen during the short day length period. These are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow in the home garden. They’re relatively pest and disease free, require little or no pruning and just seem to get on with producing fruit year after year.

Citrus grow best in well drained soils, full sun and warm north or west facing aspects. Some can take more cold than others but few will withstand extreme winter frost. Free air movement around the trees is also preferable. Regular applications (every 8 weeks) of fertiliser from spring to autumn are
essential. Wonder 3:1:5 slow release nitrogen is perfect. The soil under trees extending from the trunk to the drip line should be from weeds and lawn grass. A layer of coarse, well-rotted compostused as a mulch accomplishes this.

Citrus are attractive evergreen trees or shrubs that can be incorporated into the ornamental garden.  They also make for worthwhile potted specimens provided that the containers are large enough. The greater the volume of soil the happier the citrus will be and the longer they’ll last. Find space for
citrus in your garden – even if there is only place for a solitary lemon tree. The sooner they get planted the sooner you’ll be rewarded with the fruits of your labours.