Convenience is a commonly used word in the modern lifestyle. It also applies to the garden in certain circumstances, perhaps no more so than having a lovely hanging basket filled with lush herbs suspended close to the kitchen door. Fresh, clean herbs close at hand is a valuable asset to those who spend much time creating culinary delights.
A mixture of different herbs can be planted together in a large hanging basket. Regular foliar feeding and harvesting keeps them in good order for months on end. Lots of sunlight and free air movement is paramount. Some grow faster and more vigorously than others and may need to be controlled to prevent them from dominating. The whole basket will need re-planting from time to time depending on the weather and the types of plants being grown. Beware of aggressive herbs like mint – best grown on its own as it has a tendency of smothering any others sharing the container.

Suitable herbs for mixed baskets – parsley, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, chives, rocket, basil