Dipladenias or Mandevillas as they are sometimes referred to are amongst the showiest and most floriferous garden climbers or shrubs. The relatively new Diamantina Dipladenias are mostly low-growing or bushy forms with one climbing type (Opale Grenat) ideal for growing on a low trellis. There is a range of colours from white to deep maroon red. They bloom for ages from late spring through to autumn.

• Compact, low-growing, evergreen shrubs to 40cm high
• Shiny green leaves with a waxy texture containing white milky sap
• Trumpet-shaped blooms 40mm to 60mm in diameter are produced from spring to autumn
• Some may produce growth shoots with a tendency to climb (cut off if bushy plants are desired)
• Colours include white, pink, red and deep maroon

• Best in full sun, shade tends to cause plants to stretch
• Grow in rich, well-drained soil
• Fertilise every 4 to 6 weeks with 5:1:5 granular fertiliser
• Prune back untidy or old growth in spring
• Prefer to be kept on the dry side, water-logging can be detrimental to performance
• Frost tender

Garden uses:
• Excellent pot or container plants
• Ideal for hanging baskets
• Showy in hot window boxes
• Companion plants – low succulents, euphorbia, crassula