These spreading, low growing euphorbias have made a significant impact in local gardens since being introduced a few years ago. They spread rapidly during the summer months and are adorned in tiny white bracts (modified leaves). The flowers are small and insignificant. The Diamond range includes 3 different forms – Diamond Frost, Diamond Snow and Diamond Star. Each has its own distinguishing attributes with all of them being hugely effective in the garden.

• Wide spreading low shrub with milky sap
• Can grow to 50 cm high and two to three times as wide
• Leaves are dull green, sometimes brownish in hue
• Tiny white bracts surround small insignificant flowers all summer and autumn long

• Need a full sun position
• Well-drained soil is essential (add river sand in needs be)
• Feed every 4 to 6 weeks with 5:1:5 slow-release nitrogen fertiliser
• Prune back excess growth
• Cut back hard in early spring
• Frost tender

Garden uses:
• Wonderful in hanging baskets
• Elegant in pots, especially those with a narrow neck
• Groundcover in hot dry spots
• Ideal for rock gardens and banks
• Companion plants – Cordyline Electric Pink, Coprosma Pacific series, Angelonia, Phormium