Colourful perennial plants that originate from the tropics and yet look as though they could come straight out of an English country garden. They have proved to be important components of the floral displays during the hot and humid summer and early autumn conditions. This is always a period when so many plants of rather more temperate origins falter in the garden. Angelonias in all their different guises and forms show their mettle during these trying times.

• Shrubby perennials growing 30 to 50 cm tall with many upright stems
• Leaves are slim and sleek, rich green
• Small, snapdragon-like flowers in long slender spikes
• Bloom from late spring to autumn

• Plant in full sun or very light shade
• Rich, well-drained soil is preferable
• Feed weekly with 3:1:6 water-soluble plant food
• Deadhead spent flowers regularly to prolong flowering
• Prune back untidy plants in early spring
• Unfortunately, they’re frost tender in colder climates

Garden uses:
• Excellent in flower borders
• Good in pots
• Great in mixed containers
• Showy in rock gardens
• Companion plants – ornamental grasses, alternanthera purple prince, euphorbia, salvia farinacea