One of the showiest winter or spring flowering annuals is Dimorphotheca sinuata commonly known as the African Daisy or Namaqualand daisy. Yes, they are indigenous originating from the west coast regions of the Cape but still perform admirably in most parts of the country. Packets of seed are available in autumn and are best sown in situ (out in the garden where the plants are required to grow). No frills or fuss required with these beauties.

Simply prepare the ground in a full sun position by tilling lightly, adding some compost and incorporating it into the garden soil. Sprinkle the seeds over the prepared soil at a rate of half a gram per square metre. Rake in gently and then water well with a fine spray on the hose or can. Water every 2 to3 days as the soil surface dries out. Germination should take 7 to 14 days. Once seedlings emerge check daily for watering, weeds and pests. Only water when dry.

All things being equal you should be rewarded with a carpet of colourful daisies in 60 to 70 days. The spectacular display lasts around 6 weeks depending on weather conditions. Mixed Hybrid seeds produce flowers mainly in shades of yellow and orange whilst ‘Glistening White’ has white daisies with a dark centre. Simply gorgeous for very little cost or effort!