Described as producing “basket-hugging blooms”, these new petunias have large wide open bell shaped blooms in a range of bright colours. They’re grown from cuttings to ensure uniformity and early blooming. Plants are literally smothered in blooms for months on end and perform admirably in hanging bowls. The blooms are amongst the most weather tolerant of all the petunias on the market, making them especially suited to our KZN climate.

This winter season there is a range of different colours available in white plastic hanging bowls already grown and in bloom. They are wonderful as hanging plants or simply remove the plastic hangers and use the plants as pot or table decorations. Certainly a plant worthy of blowing its own trumpet!

Growing hints:

  • Hang bowls/baskets in a full sun position
  • Suspend them at a level that makes it easy to tend the plants
  • Feed every 7 to 10 days with a water soluble plant food (3:1:6 formula)
  • Remove spent flowers regularly (dead head)
  • Cut plants back and re-plant when they become long and straggly