Whenever there are mass displays of foxgloves at flower shows, the public are always over-awed by the impression they create. In order to produce similar spectacles in your own garden, young plants need to be set out in late autumn. This ensures adequate growing time for them to attain a reasonable size when spring flowering season arrives. So many gardeners are inspired to plant when they see foxgloves in full bloom, but alas it’s too late.

This season, Blackwood is recommending the F1 Hybrid Dalmation range of foxgloves. They are intermediate growing in terms of size, reaching heights of around 60cm. Separate colours are offered in packs of individual 9cm pots. Plant out in May for a spectacular spring display in your garden.

Growing hints:

  • Full sun or dappled shade
  • Well drained rich loamy soil
  • Water regularly to optimise growth
  • Feed every 3 weeks with water soluble plant food (3:1:6 formula)
  • Cold and frost hardy

Garden uses:

  • Massed plantings as backgrounds to other annuals
  • Woodland gardens
  • Mixed herbaceous borders
  • Large mixed pot displays
  • Lightly shaded spots in smaller gardens