You want to grow lemons, but feel you can’t because of space?  If this is your plight then growing a lemon tree in a pot is a smart idea. Plant it on a patio and you will be bestowed by its scented flowers and soft yellow citrus fruits. You can grow it on the balcony too. The Meyer lemon variety is perfect for kitchen and balcony gardens.

Select a large pot to grow your lemon tree in and put the pot into its final position before you begin to fill it with potting mix.  Clay pots are ideal because, unlike plastic, they are porous and water evaporates water from them.  This helps the lemon tree to grow well, as it dislikes being water logged. One thing that is essential for your plant is sunlight. Citrus trees need full sun, which means placing your pot in  the sunniest part of your garden, patio or balcony.

Good drainage is required, so make sure your pot has plenty of drainage holes.  To facilitate drainage and allow good air circulation around the container, raise it slightly off the ground. It  will also need consistent and regular watering, especially during hot weeks, to ensure that it stays hydrated and happy.  Water your potted lemon tree two to three times a week, and possibly daily in very hot weather.  Always make sure the water soaks into the soil and doesn’t simply run through without soaking in.  If the container where the lemon tree is growing is allowed to dry out, the leaves of the lemon tree will fall off.  To help keep in the hydration, it’s a good idea to mulch the top of the pot in about 5cm of mulch.

Never use ordinary garden soil – even good soil – for container citrus. What is just fine in the ground won’t work in a container. Once confined in a container, most garden soils are too dense and water drains too slowly. For growing high yielding plants, use well draining organic potting mix.

All plants of the citrus family are heavy feeders and lemon trees, too require fertiliser to produce fruits and lush foliage. Look for a fertilizer that contains micronutrients, especially iron, manganese, and zinc. To give boost feed to your lemon tree apply a water soluble fertiliser once in a month in growing season.