Mexican Bush or Mexican Sage

BOTANICAL NAME:  Salvia Leucantha
COMMON NAME: Mexican Bush or Mexican Sage



An evergreen sub-shrub with multiple stems that form a dense bush some 80cm to 90cm high with a similar spread.  Lance-shaped leaves are grey-green above and downy white on the underside.  Tubular flowers emerge from calyces, often of differing shades, creating a bicolour effect.  However, ‘Midnight’ has purple flowers and calyces, ensuring a spectacular display of colour from spring to autumn in successive flushes.


Mexican bushes are effective planted in bold groupings or combined with other similar perennials in an herbaceous border.  Good in grass gardens and they even look the part in an English country or cottage garden.  They attract sunbirds to the garden.


These plants prefer full day sunshine.  Growth becomes spindly and flowers diminish in shade.  Best in well-drained, rich loamy soils.  Prune back after each successive flowering.  Apply 5:1:5 slow release nitrogen fertiliser after pruning.  Plants will flower again in 6 to 8 weeks.  Cold and drought tolerant.