Pink Mirror Bush

BOTANICAL NAME:  Coprosma Pacific Sunrise
COMMON NAME: Pink Mirror Bush



An attractive evergreen foliage shrub with glossy leaves in hues of dark green and pink.  They grow into compact bushes 1m to 2m tall with a rounded shape.  Their flowers are insignificant, if produced at all.


The iridescent leaves stand out strikingly in the landscape, contrasting well with all surrounding plants.  They are good for mixed borders and shrubberies.  Ideal as pot specimens for patios and swimming pool surrounds.  They can be clipped or pruned into formal topiary shapes.


Coprosma performs best in full sun or light shade.  They need well-drained, loamy soil or potting medium.  Apply 5:1:5 slow release nitrogen fertiliser every 3 months as per directions.  This keeps the plant in active growth, producing a continuous display of beautiful leaves.  They withstand light to mild winter cold and frost.