Petunias have developed appreciably during the last decade with so many spectacular new hybrids on offer. This is especially so with regards to plants with low or cascading growth habits. They perform magnificently in hanging containers – baskets or bowls as well as window boxes and troughs. Their mounding and yet sprawling habit with lush green foliage topped with vibrant blooms makes an eye catching display. Like all petunias they perform best during the dry part of the year.

Check out the carefully selected range on offer for this petunia season. It includes the unbelievable new introduction ‘Night Sky’ with ground breaking patterns of white speckles and spots on a purple background that twinkle and sparkle like stars. There is also a range of ‘Easy Wave’ petunias like ‘Silver’ and ‘Pink Passion’ that combine effectively. The ‘Cascadia’ range includes the most unusual ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Pink Halo Ray’. Seeing is believing – these petunias are truly amazing!