Winter and spring flowering annuals (flower seedlings) continue to make a dramatic impact in the garden. New and improved hybrids are introduced continuously to enhance garden performance and maintain interest in the seasonal planting of garden flowers. Calendulas have been used for decades as bedding plants to create bright splashes of colour.

A relatively new addition to the calendula range is Bon Bon with early flowering compact plants in yellow or orange. They’re bright, vibrant and easy to grow. Furthermore they need masses of water to make them perform. Brighten the winter of 2016 with Calendulas – commonly known as pot marigolds.

Growing hints:

  • Grow in full sun
  • Best in rich loam soils but can survive in poorer conditions
  • Feed every 2 weeks with high potassium fertiliser (3:1:6 formula)
  • Check for caterpillars eating flowers and foliage
  • Dead head spent flowers
  • Space seedlings 25 to 30 cm apart

Garden uses:

  • Excellent for mass bedding
  • Good filler plants for odd gaps
  • Use in mixed flower groupings in large pots
  • Add colour to the herb garden
  • Edible flowers have multiple culinary uses