Limited quantities of indigenous Ericas (heathers) are available in store this winter season. They’re charming little shrubs that add something special and very different to the garden. Most have fine foliage and grow some 50cm to 150cm tall, depending on the species. Flowers differ significantly, both in terms of size and shape as well as colour. Pop in and see what’s available before it’s too late.

Growing hints:

  • Grow best in full sun
  • Plant in well drained acidic soil that is low in phosphate
  • Do not add fertiliser to soil at planting time
  • Mulch the soil surface with pine bark or pine needles
  • Pick flowers or prune away spent flowers to maintain shape
  • Keep evenly moist and damp, water pots daily

Garden uses:

  • Good filler shrubs for borders and rockeries
  • Can be grown in pots or containers
  • Excellent cut flowers
  • Attract sunbirds