With its rich colour palette, the Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit delights and inspires growers. Cheyenne Spirit is one of the most exciting seed debuts of the 21st Century! This stunning mix offers well-branched, uniform, compact plants in brilliant colors. They bloom the first year, bounce back after wind or rain, need very little water to thrive, and repeat all season long without deadheading. In short: a gardener’s dream come true!

Cheyenne Spirit it is very drought-tolerant, and stands up to heat, humidity, and cold effortlessly. This makes it a godsend in today’s hotter summers and unpredictable winters!


This plant reaches 45cm to 75cm high and about 30cm to 50cm wide, with dark green foliage and very strong, thick stems supporting the bounty of blooms. When transplanting your seedlings, space the plants about 25cm to 35cm apart in the sunny garden, and then jump back. You’re about to be overwhelmed with brilliant nonstop color!

The flowers are large and showy, on strong growing, uniform plants. The bold daisy-like flowers create a beautiful contrast in the mixed border and combine well with Achillea and other perennials that require lower moisture levels. Will flower from mid-summer to autumn. Enjoys a good, fertile soil but not too much water.