Portulaca Happy Hour is a succulent plant that grows low and compact. Large double flowers in a range of bright colours dazzle in the summer sunshine. Need full sun and low water requirement.


Marigold Durango and Janie are new generation hybrids with an outstanding garden performance. Low to medium sized plants topped with smallish flowers in shades of yellow, gold, orange and brown. Need full sun and low to moderate water requirement.


Salvia Reddy and Vista are tough and enduring plants for beating the rigours of summer heat and humidity. Medium to tall bushes produce colourful flower spikes. Red is the most common colour but cream, mauve, purple, salmon and pink shades also abound. Need sun or dappled shade and moderate water requirement.


Zinnia Zahara is a relatively new generation of these old fashioned plants that bloom all summer long. Compact, bushy plants are topped with large button shaped flowers in a range of spectacular colours. Need full sun and low to moderate water requirement.


Torenia Kauai is proving to be invaluable for bringing colour to the summer garden. Plants are medium to tall and well branched with masses of small bicoloured flowers in shades of blue, white, cream, pink and sometimes yellow. Need sun or semi-shade and moderate to high water requirement.


Other top flowers for summer colour include

Begonia Green Leaf and Bronze Leaf – the ever popular little bedding begonia. Perfect for edging and bedding in light shade. Moderate to high water requirement.


Gomphrena Las Vegas– tough and heat resistant. Tiny globular shaped flowers in shades of white, pink and purple top compact little plants. Low to moderate water requirement.


Celosia Kimono and Smart Look – commonly called cockscombs. Heat and humidity tolerant plants for full sun conditions. The Smart Look range has dark foliage. Low to moderate water requirement.


Impatiens New Guinea Divine – perform exceptionally well in the garden or pots. Disease resistant and heat tolerant these Impatiens light up the summer garden. Wide range of colours. High water requirement.


Vinca Pacifica – are proving invaluable in adding colour to harsh, dry summer growing conditions. Compact plants with clean coloured flowers bloom continuously for months on end. Low water requirement.


Aster Meteor – are grown as tall background flowers or else harvested as top quality cut flowers. Tall with strong sturdy stems in a range of clear colours. Moderate water requirement.


These are just a small representation of the huge range of colourful flowering plants on offer at Blackwood’s.  Visit us and admire the lovely flowers in 9cm pots, 14cm pots and larger growing flowers in 17cm pots. Summer has never been brighter.